Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP

365 Bay St., Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2V1
Phone: 416-360-2800
Fax: 416-360-5960
Areas of PracticeGeneral Litigation; Appellate Counsel; Class Action Defendant; Injunctions; Tort Law; Partnership Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Fraud, Misrepresentation, Deceit; Guarantee & Suretyship; Shareholder Disputes; Competition Law; Anti-Competitive Conduct; Anti-Dumping; Antitrust; Competition Bureau Investigations; Competition Marketing Practices; Criminal & Civil Anti-Competitive Conduct; Administrative Law; Professional Regulation; Tribunal Hearings; Banking Litigation; Constitutional Law; Construction Bond Claims; Construction Liens; Construction Litigation; Employment Litigation; Estate Litigation; Enforcement of Foreign Judgements; Insurance Law; Fidelity-Dishonesty Bond-Defendant; International Trade Litigation; Internet Libel; Libel & Slander Litigation; Professional Malpractice; Securities Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Domestic & International Arbitration; Insurance Litigation; Franchising
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Representative Industry SectorNational & International Financial Institutions; Banks/Trusts Companies; Investment; Construction; Manufacturing, Insurance; Mining; Transportation; Communication; Advertising; Telemarketing; Food; Plastics; Pharmaceuticals; Government; Venture Capital; Security & Commodity Brokers; Airlines
Firm ProfileAffleck Greene McMurtry LLP is one of the most recognized counsel firms in Toronto. We practise commercial litigation and competition law. As barristers, our expertise is advocacy. We have particular expertise in securities litigation, disputes within companies (such as oppression), contractual disputes, product liability, construction law, commercial fraud claims, insurance defence (fidelity, L & M, Performance Bonds), class action defence and proceedings and inquiries under the Competition Act. We provide practical advice focused on our clients' goals and work towards achieving those goals in the most cost-effective way. While that outcome is usually reached through negotiation, we pride ourselves on our experience and skills in the courtroom. We believe that lawyers who are known to have the experience, confidence, and ability to take a case to trial achieve better results, even without a trial. Litigation is expensive. We keep the expenses down by staffing files conservatively, focusing on what needs to be done to win the case, charging hourly rates that are somewhat lower than large firms, and, in appropriate cases, alternative fee structures.