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My practice is a specialty barrister practice devoted to Libel and Slander, including internet defamation (cyberlibel), and Reputation Management serving primarily lawyers in private practice and In house counsel. I assist them with the initial assessment of potential claims or defences, opinions in libel law procedure and tactics, the preparation of pleadings, motions and discovery and the preparation for and attendance at Trials and Appeals. Co-author of "Canadian Libel Practice" published by Butterworths, 1985. Co-author of "Canadian Libel and Slander Actions" published by Irwin Law, 2004. Author of "Cyberlibel: Information Warfare in the 21st Century?" (2011). Over 30 years I have acted in several thousand defamation actions for municipalities, corporations, individuals, media organizations as plaintiffs and defendants throughout Canada, U.S.A. & England. Member of the Bar of Ontario 1979. Member of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee (Ian Scott) on the law of defamation. Assisted revising the Jury Charge used by Ontario Judges in libel actions. Education: B.A. (Cape Town); LLB (Dalhousie); LLM (Osgoode)
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McGurk LLP Family Law Lawyers is a Calgary-based boutique law firm practicing exclusively family law. Our divorce lawyers offer a fresh approach to resolving conflicts and helping clients start their new life, understanding that the process defines the results. It is an approach that combines compassion with competence, drawing on years of focused experience assisting clients with separation, divorce, property division, spousal support, child support, parenting and other family law matters. Our website features a free spousal support calculator and child support calculator. Your new life begins with you. We can help.
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